Custom Mouthguards

Playing sports for children and adults can be very dangerous to teeth, why not protect your smile with one of our custom mouthguards. A mouthguard is essential to absorbing the impact of blow to the facial area. These types of impacts can result in injury to either the mouth or the jaw. Why risk chipping or breaking teeth, damage to the internal structure of teeth, damage to soft tissue such as lips, or even a broken jaw. All these types of injuries will in most cases will lead to expensive treatments and heartache. A mouthguard is a cost effective solution to all of this. At Brisbane Denture Clinic we offer three levels of protection depending on age and activities you will be involved in. Also a large range of colours and patterns can be chosen as well as identification tagging.

At Brisbane Denture Clinic all our mouthguards are fully articulated mouthguards, what this means is that we also take lower impressions to help patients bite in the correct area while wearing the mouthguard. This in turn provides even more protection.

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