At first it can feel a little strange when you have your new dentures fitted. This will go away normally after a week or two. Speech can be affected at first but then will settle once a week has passed. It is a learning process for the first week or two when it comes to eating, speaking and comfort.
This all depends on what we are trying to achieve. If you want new dentures without changing your appearance this can be achieved. On the other had if you are looking for total revamp of your appearance this is also possible, the shape of teeth can be changed even a patient’s lip and facial profile can be changed. At the end of the day it all depends on what you as the patient wants to achieve.
Eating for the first time with your new dentures may be a challenge at first, but as time passes and your tongue becomes familiar with your new teeth it will become easier and easier. In the beginning cutting your food into small pieces is a good idea to start the learning process and before you know it you will be chewing your food without a second thought.
Unfortunately the lower denture can sometimes be very difficult to stabilize in the mouth. If your ridge is flat or small this can greatly affect your dentures stability. With the upper denture in most cases we can achieve a suction seal to help with stability, but with the lower this is a lot harder to achieve. The best solution is a lower implant denture; this is the best way to have a stable and solid fitting lower denture. If you are interested in implants just let us know and we can book a consultation for you to further explore your options.
Denture adhesive can be used to help keep your dentures in place all day and give you that piece of mind your denture won’t fall out during an important occasion. Denture adhesive won’t fix a loose or unstable denture that is giving you sore spots etc. If this is the issue an appointment with one of our dental Prosthetist will be needed.
Dentures if cared for in the correct way can last from 5-7 years and much longer. Over this time your mouth can change in many ways, this can affect the longevity and fit of your dentures, to solve this relines and adjustments may be needed over time.
We recommend taking your dentures out at night to let your gums and palate breathe, this helps relieve some of the pressure put on your ridges and gums. Also cleaning your gums, palate and tongue with a soft tooth brush is essential to keeping your mouth healthy.
It seems crazy but avoid using toothpaste, toothpaste is an abrasive substance and will slowly wear away at your denture and cause micro abrasions which in turn will fill with plaque and other bacteria.

A simple mix of warm soapy water and a brush will do the trick. Sterodent and Polident type solutions do help with cleaning but are not substitutes for a thorough clean with a brush.

If it all gets too hard come in and see us, we can bring your dentures back to their original shine.

Normally if you see a dentist for your new dentures they will take impressions of your mouth and send them to a dental laboratory so they can fabricate your new dentures and your dentist will then insert them for you. This system has some major flaws.

Dentist don’t actually make your dentures, so this mean the prosthetist/technician making your dentures has no idea what you look like or what your preferences may be. They are making your denture with very little information about you.

Dentures are a highly customizable appliance, there are so many variables to take into account, including facial features, teeth selection, and smile lines just to mention a few. The only way this can be accounted for is if there is communication between the Prosthetist making the dentures and the patient. This allows for a more natural looking set of teeth instead of the standard “one smile fits all” look.

Yes in most cases is it can be fixed. Usually all that is required is a simple reline of the denture in question. This can all be done in one day with just two appointments, a morning impression and an afternoon fitting appointment. Obviously not all cases are the same so come in and see us for a free consultation.
At Brisbane Denture Clinic we fully understand certain situation arise where patients need things done fast, please contact us and we can fast track your appointment so you can have your new smile FAST.

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