We started our clinic in 2014, so we are relatively new, our enthusiasm to make the best dentures in Brisbane is unsurpassed.

Our team has grown over the years to help us manage all of our patients. As we grow so does our team and their passion for their work. We pride ourselves on using quality materials and spending time with our patients to achieve the desired result which of course is an amazing smile.




Bob Hyung Rho
Dental Prosthetist

Bob is a qualified dental Prosthetist who has been in the industry for over 10 years, he studied at SBIT. Bobby’s passion is helping people smile with confidence and changing not just their smile but also their lives. He loves his time in the clinic especially the interaction he has with his patients. Bobby loves fishing and is extremely passionate about baseball. On his weekends he loves to play baseball for his team.

Steven Southworth
Dental Prosthetist

Stephen is one of our qualified Dental Prosthetist, he has over 28 years of experience in the dental field. He has studied in both Zimbabwe and Australia at the SBIT. Stephen is passionate about removable dental prosthetics and implant retained prosthetics. His goal is create lifelike functional dentures using the latest technologies and techniques. In his spare time Stephen enjoys tennis, cycling, squash, gym, and camping. Playing guitar and keyboard are also some hidden talents of Stephen’s.

Peter Wassef
Dental Prosthetist

Peter graduated with a Bachelors in Oral Health in Dental Technology from the Otago University and a Masters of Technology in Prosthetics from the Griffith University. His goal is to make his patients feel confident and proud every time they smile. Peter has passion for cosmetic dentures that look natural but also feel comfortable to wear. Peters hobbies include following sports, food connoisseur and traveling.

Dr Sheena Madni

Sheena graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Cardiff University, she has studied and worked in both the United Kingdom and Australia. Sheena has worked in both the private and public sector of dental. This has provided her with well‐rounded experience and a diverse approach to dentistry. Sheena’s passion for dentistry and dental health what drives her to give every patient the highest possible standard of care. Sheena’s hobbies include travelling and health and fitness.

Dr Sam Huang

Sam graduated from Griffith University with a bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry both with an award of Academic Excellence. Sam is passionate in Restoratives Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Sam prides himself in his dental work and making sure each and every patient he sees is pleased with their treatment. In his free time Sam enjoys fishing and cooking.

Dani Randgae
Dental Nurse

Dani is a qualified dental assistant with a Cert 3 in Dental Assisting in 1993. Dani’s roles in the clinic include assisting the dentist in the clinic, sterilization duties, and reception duties. Dani is extremely passionate about oral health and hygiene, she has also opened her business that sells oral hygiene products. Dani’s hobbies are coffee, dachshunds and trying to maintain good health following breast cancer. She also loves the colour pink!

Sarah Armstrong
Dental Nurse

Sarah is a qualified dental assistant with a Cert 3 in Dental Assisting completed with the Australian dental association. Sarah’s roles include assisting the dentist in the clinic, sterilization duties, and reception duties. She has over 5 years experience in the dental field. Sarah’s hobbies include camping, off road 4WD, and fishing. She is also super passionate about rugby league, follows the Broncos and absolutely loves the State of Origin games.

Dental Technicians and Laboratory staff

Ian Peiris

Ian graduated in 2003 from SBIT with a diploma in Dental Technology. He enjoys dental metal work and acrylic work. Ian is always keen to learn new techniques and different ways of fabricating dentures that look natural and don’t have that “false look”. Learning new techniques in regards to implant retained dentures and prosthesis are a driving force in Ian’s dental technician career. His hobbies include travelling, motorbikes, and riding mountain bikes.

Queenie Qian

Queenie graduated in 2011 from SBIT with a diploma in Dental Technology. She is passionate about all aspects of denture work, has an amazing ability to bend wires or retainers for dental appliances and set up natural looking dentures. Queenie enjoys tennis, badminton dining at restaurants, drawing and comedy TV shows. She also has ambitions to learn the Japanese language and culture.

Thuc Ngo

Thuc graduated in 2008 from SBIT with a diploma in Dental Technology. Thuc specializes in acrylic work, he enjoys all aspects of denture work but mainly enjoys the challenging cases. Thuc also wins the awards for having the cleanest bench, it’s always immaculate. In Thuc’s free time he spends time on his PlayStation, motorbikes, and loves action movies. Thuc is also interested in technology.

Jo Shumaker

Jo graduated in 2009 from SBIT with a diploma in Dental Technology. Jo is proficient with acrylic work, chrome work and valplast or flexibles. Jo takes pride in all her work and this shows in the quality of her work. Jo likes to fill her weekends with adventures, activities and trying new things. Traveling plays a huge role in Jo’s life, as she and her partner have travelled all over the world.

Chris Maynard

Chris’s main role at the clinic is to make sure everything is looking spic and span. He is in control of the huge task of making sure the laboratory is clean and tidy and ready for the technician each day. Chris’s hobbies include, math and English puzzles, watching tv series, reading, following sports and playing super coach for both AFL , NRL and the A League soccer.