SR Phonares II by Ivoclar Vivadent Premium Teeth

Brisbane Denture Clinic is proud to present SR Phonares II denture teeth as an added option to all of our patients. These teeth are manufactured in Germany by Ivoclar Vivadent, a company that is dedicated to total quality that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Ivoclar Vivadent’s SR Phonares denture teeth closely replicate the shape and surface texture of natural dentition. SR Phonares II teeth are made of an optimized nano-hybrid composite material, which is characterized by high strength, excellent wear resistance and tolerant, resistant behavioral characteristics. Moreover, the heightened inherent strength of the material improves its shear strength and is indicative of its toughness.

Each tooth mould has been especially designed to match the age and characteristics of the individual patient. The lifelike denture teeth offer exceptional aesthetic qualities. Allowing our patients to smile with confidence is our mission at Brisbane Denture Clinic.


A range of shapes and sizes to suit all patients

Available in 20 natural tooth shades

Available in bleach shades

Life like appearance

High Strength

High Wear Resistance

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